Squamish to Lillooet SFAC and Others

August 12, 2005

Draft meeting notes

Attendees: (I missed many names – sorry about that)
Squamish to Lillooet Sport Fishing Advisory Committee
John Wright – member Drift Fishers Assn.; Chair Squamish SFAC,
Dave Brown – Whistler Angling Club
Randy Lewis – Squamish First Nation
Carl Halverson – North Shore Outdoor School

Lower Fraser SFAC

Vance Reach – Poco Hunt, Chair
Eric Carlisle – Seymour Watershed, BCFDF
Dave Steele – Highwater Tackle
Laurie Milligan – former chair
Wayne Michie – Guides Assn.
Reg Ahearn – Steelhead Society


Brian Klassen – Tenderfoot Hatchery,
Rob Harris – Fishery Officer,
Linda Stevens – resource management
Corino Salomi – Habitat Biologist, Lead rep for DFO


Steve Ruschetta – Province of BC
Dave Jevons – Conservation Officer
Greg Wilson – Biologist, MoE
Brian Clarke - MoE


Edith Tobe – Squamish River Watershed Society
Brent Lee – District of Squamish
Chessie – District of Squamish
Carrie Berriclaw - Aquatex
Don McClebbing – Instream Research

Introduction from John Wright

Introduction from Randy Lewis

Provincial Perspective from Greg Wilson

Short Term Medium Term

Next steps are to collate and analyze the data.
Long term monitoring will be conducted by CN.

Results to date Water Chemistry

Action Point: If anyone other than Edith and Chessie took initial samples of pH, please forward your information to Greg Wilson (greg.wilson@gems8.gov.bc.ca).

DFO Perspectives from Corino Salomi

Squamish River - comments
Other - Comments

Proposed Regulation Changes from Linda Stevens